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Magnet 측정 장비

Flux meter
Model KCS EC06/607
including 0.1 vs. 50.00 mVs / 50 mVs, 50.00 mVs
999.9mVs / 1 Vs
EC06 fluxmeter and adopted the most advanced computing chip microprocessor control technology, is my company according to the latest technology resear`ch and development production of multifunction tester, he has the following features:
  • 1. The high precision measurement, the resolution can reach 0.1 uVs;
  • 2. Can simultaneously measure the magnetic flux, magnetic moment, also can be used to test the magnetic field strength
  • 3. Using the most advanced computing chips and microprocessor control technology
  • 4. LCD and touch screen control
  • 5. A key type automatic tuning drift, zero drift measurement
  • 6. The two display modes: instrument panel display and computer soft
  • 7. The test result pass/reject output or seven file output
  • 8. The maximum storage function
  • 9: five groups of line